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Austin Fit Magazine is once again proud to sponsor Pedal for Puppies this year. Austin Fit and Pedal for Puppies have been teaming up since the beginning of the event to bring awareness of a healthy lifestyle to Austin and it’s residents. Look for the FREE copy of Austin Fit in your Austin Subaru swag bag. In the silent auction, you also have a chance to win a Austin Fit pack valued at 75 dollars, which includes a 2 year subscription to Austin Fit and an Austin Fit Tech Tee. So come on out to Austin Subaru on October 29th by 8 a.m. at Austin Subaru to participate in this bike ride charity and healthy event for a good cause!

When I asked Alex the Sales & Marketing VP for Austin FIT if his family was pet friendly, this was his response:

“We all have dogs, my parents have a ranch with 2 horses, a donkey, tons of cows and chickens, 2 cats, and 3 dogs.”

Dogs have always been part of the Earle Family.  In addition to Lou & Lynne Earle’s Shiloh Shepherd, Aussie, and great Pyrenees, sons’ Alex & Drex Earle also have their own furry friends – Cooper, a mini-aussie lives/works/plays 24/7 with Alex and Drex has a more docile Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Toby. Every so often, an Earle dog may make an appearance in the magazine too.  Even a visit to the AFM offices, you’ll be greeted by at least one or two dogs brought in by the staff.

The commitment and love for animals, and dogs especially runs deep.  Through their publication, the Earle family is very proud to sponsor and support Austin Pets Alive and the Pedal for Puppies.

Be sure to nominate and/or check out the March issue of Austin Fit for the Fittest Dogs in Austin.  Each year, readers have the opportunity to nominate a dog they believe embodies a fit lifestyle.  Winners get a professional photo shoot and spread in the March issue showcasing their canines fitness.  It’s quickly become a sought after issue and highly anticipated in the active community.

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